Interview: Kwesta

Here’s an interview I recently did with high-profile Jozi rapper, Kwesta. It appeared on in June….

What made you want to get involved in the rap scene?

I started out as a poet and when I first recorded my poetry on beats I realized that it wasn’t too different, and I fell in love with making music.

Performing at the 2010 World Cup closing ceremony with Kelly Rowland and various local rappers must’ve been your biggest show to date. How was the experience? Were there any nerves?

500 million people were watching around the world and it was the most historic moment in our country’s history so the nerves were at an all time high but at the same time there were so many people on stage and I didn’t want to be the one to mess up the night for all the hundreds of people involved in the opening ceremony. Fortunately it all went to plan, but looking back the nerves made it hard to take the moment in and really enjoy it as much as people would expect. So as big as the show was it was one of those things that happened in my career but is not really a defining moment.

Your debut album came out shortly after the World Cup and was nominated for two SAMAs. Would you say 2010 was your breakthrough year? What was the transition from underground recognition to being in the mainstream arena like?

Yeah before then it was all hype and the moment came to show and prove. I never expected to be nominated in the best new comer category and although Locnville took that award it was nice to hear the crowd cheering as loudly for them as they did for me when our names were called out. As for the best rap album award I thought I really deserved it but then again the winner Amu is a legend and the judges felt they owed him an award so I figured that my day will come and I should be happy with what I achieved with my first album, right?

You’ve worked with many of Mzansi’s high-profile rappers. How important are features to you? Who else would you like to add to that list of collaborations?

I’ve just done a collaboration with Jimmy Nevis for his latest single, which people should look-out for, and I plan on collaborating with Locnville, Donald, AKA, Khulichana, ProKID, D’Banj, Xtatic, Stella Mwangi, Ice Prince, MI and maybe even a big inter-nation co-lab for my album. Other than that I’d like to collaborate with as many artists as possible from all over the world.

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