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Hakesy the Fat Cat


We chat to Hayden Manuel AKA Hakesy the Fat Cat. Sneakerhead, Streetwear Afficianado, Blogger and Radio Host at Assembly Radio.

What influences your style and the way you choose to dress?

I’m a bit older now so I think my style is a bit settled and consistent. I’m a sneakerhead so it starts there and I base my outfits around that. Also, I’m a cozy boy, which means I’m big into comfort. I basically look like a thugged out pro athlete everyday.

Who are your personal style icons?

Kanye West, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, Pharrel and Nigo.

What are your favourite local and international brands?

2Bop, They Know (obviously), Bape, Vandal A, 10Deep, Diamond Supply Co and Supreme.

What are your thoughts on the street wear/ fashion coming out of South Africa at the moment?

I think it’s bubbling. There are a lot of kids trying to make it and doing it DIY style and those kids are the future. We also have brands doing it big like 2Bop & Sol-Sol who are putting out product of the highest standard. The passion to create and the drive to actually do it are really the only things you need and we have it in abundance.

Following street style trends can easily open one up to becoming a hypebeast. What are the signs that you’re doing it wrong?

If you’re a dude who buys clothes and shoes to impress other dudes then you’re a hypebeast. Wear what you wanna to wear.

What is the worst trend you’ve followed or style choice you’ve made?

The ridiculous belt buckle trend. Hurts just typing this. I had one that had a stack of $100 bills. So stupid!

What is your most prized piece of clothing or accessory you own?

My Nike Air Yeezy collection…easy. They go for about 30k a pair these days.

What is the biggest mission you’ve made to get hold of a particular item of clothing or pair of kicks?

Police be lurking online these days haha.

What are 5 essentials that any man should have in their winter wardrobe?

Invest in good denim.
Headwear is essential.
Well crafted work boots are a good look. Timbs and Red Wings all day.
High end track suits are popping. The more structured the better.
A solid beard game!
As a host of the BMK rap show on Assembly Radio you stay abreast of all the latest rap coming out. 2015 has seen an amazing list of releases. What have been your 5 favourite releases this year alone?

2015 has been a great year for music!
Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful
Boyzn Bucks – Mswenkofontein
Curren$y – Pilot Talk III
Mashayabhuqe – The Black Excellence EP
Petite Noir – King Of Anxiety EP

You’re a blogger for ‘They Know’ and your personal blog ‘Hakesy The Fat Cat.’ How did you get into it and what keeps you at it?

I’ve always been fascinated with all things digital, I got into online shopping earlier than my friends and peers. People would ask me where I’d get my things and influences so I decided to start a blog where I could “put people on” so to speak. The idea was to expand tastes and open up the door to people who weren’t that familiar with the internet. That blog is still going strong hakesythefatcat.

Published on Axecess.com here.

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Pimped Bikes


You may have heard of Zabalazaa. The Cape-Town based artist, who is known to his mother as Atang Tshikare, has jetted all over the world repping Mzansi. The doodles that spring forth to life from this dude’s spaced out mind and steadfast hand have found their way onto various mediums; from sneakers to skateboards and even furniture. His name is associated with brands such as Adidas Originals, Cornetto, Belvedere Vodka and 2Bop. What you may not know, though, is that he also has a deft hand at restoring and customising bikes. Check out his work right here.

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Feature: Youngsta- Rising Rap Star

Fans hail Youngsta’s versatile songwriting skills and ability for laying rhymes over different genres of music. On stage he displays a genuine sense of ease, oozing a focused and fearless charisma. His passionate blend of Mother City slang and expressive, crystal-clear vocal delivery have proved to be a winning formula, while his American-tinged accent has garnered much comment and criticism from music journalists. One thing is for sure though: when discussions turn to Youngsta’s work ethic, the verdict is unanimous: he has what it takes to become Mzansi’s next rap star. But who is this young Capetonian who seemingly came out of nowhere?

Youngsta is unmistakably a child of his times. As part of the new generation of hip-hop stars, he understands the ever-evolving sound of this style of music and knows that if he wants to stay alive in today’s market – in which fans have an insatiable need for daily access to new songs at their fingertips – artists simply have to stay ahead of the curve.

Equipped with this understanding, the young MC burst onto the music scene in 2010 and went to work tirelessly, releasing no fewer than 24 mix tapes in 24 months. He soon dubbed himself the “million-in-one-rapper”, describing his experimental approach to laying down rhymes on various productions in the subgenres of the hip-hop and bass music styles, such as dubstep and trap.

He explains his winning strategy: “It’s because I put out so much music and made myself so available to the public all the time. I don’t think I can stop. Music is a part of Youngsta. You must know, if you’re gonna be a fan of Youngsta, you have to take him and everything that comes with it.”

Criticised at times for his genre-hopping style, he nevertheless refuses to be pigeonholed and stays true to his principles. “I’ve managed to always make the kind of music I like. I haven’t compromised my sound for anyone. I’ve just expanded the kind of music I make.”

Fans will agree that this approach seems to have paid off. At the end of 2011, Youngsta won an online voting competition held on social networking sites to become one of the opening acts for the Cape Town leg of superstar Lil Wayne’s SA tour. Sounds nerve-wracking for a relative newcomer, right? Unaffected by the pressure and limelight, Youngsta captivated his audience with an engaging performance.

In 2012 his name became a fixture on almost all major hip-hop event line-ups. He warmed up the crowd for legendary New York rapper Talib Kweli, but admits his most rewarding performance was at the Rocking the Daisies festival last October, where thousands raised their hands to the anthemic track ‘Salute Ya’, which has graced the charts on GoodHope FM and 5FM.

Youngsta strives to retain full control of his own creations. Together with a four-man team of close-knit friends whose sole purpose is “getting Youngsta to the top”, he has launched his official website and dropped clothing sponsors Circa and 2Bop to start his own clothing label, Y Generation.

“I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to, and that’s being entirely independent. Now that I have the attention of the big players in the game – artists, brands and other influential people – they’re actually paying attention to me. So, now is the time to really drop the bomb,” he explains.

Thanks to his hard-working attitude and exceptional talent, Youngsta has won the support of veteran colleagues including DJs Ready D, Codax and Hamma. He collaborated on a highly-acclaimed EP with the latter, called ‘Dollars and White Pipes’, early last year. Youngsta has decided not to focus as much on mix tapes in 2013, trading his makeshift home studio for Cape Town’s Red Bull Studios. This has opened up doors for some great collaborations with beat maestros Audiophile 021 and J-Beats.

Youngsta’s collaborative single ‘What Have You Done’, with well-established Jozi rappers Tumi and Reason, hints at his substantial musical development. Despite his young age, he is carving his own identity.

“I’m opening up, letting you inside my mind. I’m also more focused because now I see there’s a finish line. Every person has their time when they’re gonna win the race. You can’t last forever and I’m realising that. It’s like I’m going in the direction I’m planning for, so I know it’s gonna pay off soon.”

Link: http://www.mblife.co.za/Passion/20130118_youngsta/

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