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Interview: Simone De Kock, FHM June Cover Model

I worked at FHM in May. I filled in for the editorial assistant who was on leave. While I was there I got to help out with various stages of putting the mag together like writing captions, headlines, blurbs as well as sourcing images and pulling stories off the FHM CMS. I also got to write blurbs about models who appeared in the 100 Sexiest Edition which I think was published in July and did this Q & A feature with the June cover model, Simone De Kock,

Hey Simone! How did you enjoy your first shoot for FHM?

It was amazing, thank you! I loved the theme!

How did you get into modelling?

I started modelling about two years ago, at a friend’s suggestion. I was introduced to my current agency, and the rest, as they say…

Other than being a FHM cover girl, what are your dream modelling gigs?

I’m very excited about this gig right here! I would also love to work with Guess and some of the other big international brands. My ultimate dream goal is to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel (as I’m sure every other model in the world would as well). I love acting, so booking any big film job would be amazing.

You’re only 21 and already run an events company and model full time. Do you ever cut loose and get wild?

But of course, I love what I do, so it’s always fun and exciting, but I do work too much sometimes. I need great nights out with friends, it gives me more motivation to keep working!

We’re buying, what are you drinking?

You’re buying? Great… I will have a double vodka and Red Bull, one tequila, one strawberry kiss and beer afterwards to wash it all down.

Hefty order. A girl who knows her booze. We like! Have you ever sustained any party-related injuries?

Plenty of times! I bruise really easily and I’m very clumsy as well- those two characteristics don’t exactly work too well together so I often wake up with unidentified bumps and bruises.

What did you get up to for your 21st birthday? Did you party?

I had just got home from shooting in Thailand, so I had a tropical-themed bash at home with all my family and friends, recovered from that the next day, and the day after that went to a favourite night spot for some more celebrating!

Do you have a signature dance move?

I do indeed! I don’t really know what my friends call it and I don’t actually know how to explain it so I guess you’ll just have to join me next time I hit the town.

Be sure to let us know when that is, but for now tell us a cool party trick…

Balancing a R2 coin on the top of my sister’s knuckles. Sounds simple, but everyone else tries it and they fail, so they promise us money and drinks and then we kill it by succeeding… it’s a secret move.

Our winters can be pretty harsh. Do you hibernate or brave the night?

I do a bit of both. I love the fireplace and some great TV series like Game of Thrones but I need to get some dancing in. So, I put my boots on and go party! I don’t really get cold when I’m out on the dancefloor, and I load up on Vitamin C to stay healthy.

What do you wear under the covers in the wintry months? You don’t strike us as a sock-and-jammies type of girl.

Well, I got the coolest sleepwear as a gift- it’s a leopard-print adult baby grow! I’m serious! It sounds crazy but it’s the most comfortable thing ever, and can even look sexy.

On you, we’re sure it does! What’s the naughtiest piece of lingerie you own?

It’s an outfit I wear for dress-up parties; lace stockings with suspenders, a little black skirt and a red and black corset.

Yowzer! Let’s change the subject. How do you feel about video games?

I’m not the biggest gamer to be honest, but pop me on the couch with a car-racing game and a big bowl of popcorn and I’m happy for hours on end. Other sports games, though? Boring. I was never really good at sport anyway.

Films: Action or Comedy?


What about music- bands or electronic gigs?

A little bit of both… I love some great electronic beats to dance to, but I also love watching live music.

At what age can a woman be defined as a cougar? We say 39 is a good average…

I don’t think a woman’s age defines her as a cougar or not. I think it’s the age between her and her partner that defines whether or not she’s a cougar. Like a 25-year-old with an 18-year-old would be a cougar!

What’s the sexiest car you’ve ever ridden in?

A Ferrari, while in Italy… Boy oh boy, anyone willing to sponsor me a Ferrari, please?

You must get hit on all the time. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

The really lame one many poor guys use: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Shame.

In this issue, we feature a story on how to talk to beautiful women. What do you think, do pick-up lines ever work?

Not for me they don’t, I do give them some credit for trying though, by laughing at them instead of whacking them in the face!

What turns you on in a guy?

Someone who’s a gentleman, and who takes good care of himself. But most importantly, someone who’s ambitious; there’s nothing sexier than that.

What can a guy do or say to make you feel sexy?

I appreciate it when someone notices that I’ve changed something in my appearance, it shows they are paying attention.

Do you ever catch guys perving?

All of the time! Men will be men. Normally they are looking at my chest. I just wait for them to look a little more north and they usually catch me staring right back. Most of them turn red and look away, it’s hilarious.

If you were a guy, would you be a boobs or bum guy?

Definitely a boobs guy, boobs make the best cushions.

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