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Up-and-coming designer Inga Gubeka owns and runs Indalo Décor, a Cape Town based studio that specialises in creating fresh decor products and accessories. Inga started his collection late last year under the name Indalo, meaning ‘natural’ or ‘from the Earth’ in isiXhosa. Indalo is also the name of Inga’s son, whom he calls the source of his inspiration. All products are made out of wood and are hand crafted by Inga himself. Some of the products he’s come up with to date include iPad cases, lamps, clocks, wooden belts and these finely crafted wooden backpacks which have been turning heads in the streets. Check it out yourself on his Facebook page and send your orders in to inga@indalodecor.co.za.

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Huambo, Angola’s second largest city isn’t the most likely destination for a death metal movement, but this new documentary uncovers the rise of the genre in post civil war Angola, where it’s starting to resonate deeply with the country’s new generation of musicians. Filmed by New Yorker Jeremy Xido, the doccie follows the small, but thriving hardcore scene and he interviews Huambo native Sonia Ferreira, one of the co-founders of the country’s first national rock concert, O Rock Lalimwe Eteke Ifa as she puts the event together.

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Trevor Clarence, who has directed movies like Jozi and Crazy Monkey: Straight Outta Benoni made this great pilot called Children’s Hospital Africa which stars Zakeeya Patel, Carl Beukes, Jessica Dawson and Clarence himself. It was made as a pitch for a special once off episode of the American series Children’s Hospital just set in Africa. Unfortunately, the people at the American network Adult Swim didn’t select it, so Clarence decided to post it on the interwebs in the hope that people like it and share the love and maybe, just maybe, Adult Swim will reconsider. Either way, we think it’s super fresh!

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