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Interview: Youngsta

Not many Mzansi rappers can say they’ve achieved what 20 year-old Youngsta has in the two short years of his music career. Since his first appearance on the scene in 2010 he’s dropped 23 mixtapes, a full-length album, occupied charts on Goodhope and 5FM and rocked big shows in Cape Town and Jozi. He has generated a lot of hype with his self-proclaimed “million-in-one rapper” approach, showing that he isn’t scared to prove that he can flex on any beat that comes his way (check out his Soundcloud page). At the end of last year he opened up for Lil Wayne; we caught up with him at a gatsby joint down the way from where he lives in Wynberg shortly afterwards.

How did you feel when you got the opportunity to open up for Lil Wayne?

Youngsta: I didn’t believe it. Literally, I didn’t. My manager, Steady Lee, told me that I was gonna open for Lil Wayne. I asked him, “how sure are you?” He said we hadn’t got confirmation yet. I said when you get confirmation phone me back and tell me. I swear to you, not even a minute later, literally in 30 seconds he phoned me back and told me “I just got the e-mail now, you doing it.” For at least 5 minutes, I just sat and to be honest with you I planned the set in my head. I’m young I got the youth, I need to use it. The first thing that went through my mind was, what songs am I gonna do, I didn’t even care about anything else, I didn’t care what I was gonna wear, I didn’t care what time they were gonna put me on, I didn’t care for how long. All I thought was what songs am I gonna do. How am I gonna do it? Is it gonna be big? First thing that comes to my mind is my music.

Was that the biggest show you’ve ever done, crowd wise, and were there any nerves?

No nerves at all. I get anxious before I go on stage like I can’t wait because once I get on stage I’m not me anymore. Riyadh is somewhere else. Youngsta is now the guy you looking at. I don’t get nerves. There could have been 20 000 people. Like the same crowd that was there for Lil Wayne could have been there for me; it would have just been another crowd, because there are certain times when I’m on stage where I feel like I’m just rapping in my room again. I do it without thinking. Sometimes I forget that I’m rapping on stage. There are no nerves and I think this could be the biggest one we did crowd-wise. The buzz around it, people were anticipating this thing. It’s sad that there were people in the queue still.

Full Story: http://www.mahala.co.za/culture/my-mouth-works/

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